Ministering with Compassion

July 07, 2019

Ministering with Compassion

June 24, 2019

Week 4: Ministering with Compassion

We are so excited to start our Study Group with this talk by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf! If you haven't read or listened to the talk yet, click here!


"True words of encouragement require only a loving and caring heart but may have an eternal impact on the lives of those around you."

By small and simple things...

A kind word can mean so much to the person who hears it. We think that to help or encourage someone, we need wisdom and understanding and some profound words, but this quote from our June talk tells us we only need one thing- a loving and caring heart. It's impossible to know everyones circumstances, but it's not necessary to help them feel the kind of love our Savior would show them if He were here. 

Heavenly Father sent us to this earth, in families, to live in a community, which is part of a ward, which is part of a stake, so we can strengthen and uplift each other! We weren't meant to ignore others suffering and to suffer alone ourselves. Receiving compassion and showing it to others can lighten loads, lift spirits, and fortify hearts against the slings and arrows of life. It can bring happiness!

This is our last June newsletter, and I can't think of a better way to end this awesome first session of our Study Group than to ask you to look around this week and see who you can lift up and support with a kind word. It doesn't take much, but it will mean so much!

We can't wait to study with you again in July! 



After Christ delivered His Father's message to the Nephites in 3 Nephi chapter 17, He went to leave them and asked them to think and pray about what He had taught. But in verses 5 and 6 He looks at them and sees the sadness they have at His leaving, and decides to stay and heal and serve. Read these verses, and think about the compassion the Lord has toward His people. Think about the compassion you feel from the Savior during times of need. Write your impressions and think on how you can show compassion, like the Savior.


In John 21:15–17, the Savior asks Peter to show his love for the Savior by feeding His sheep. Consider how you can show love to the Savior by showing compassion to those around you. Make a goal for yourself or for your family to serve 3 people this week. It can be something like a kind word, a small act of service, or cookies. Ministering to those around us invites the spirit into our lives and shows our Savior how we love Him!



Each week, we spotlight a member of our community! We ask them to send us a page of their recent studies, and what thoughts and feelings they had while recording those impressions! This week, I wanted to share my own thoughts on joy! If you'd like to be featured in our weekly newsletter, send us an email to!
When I was reading these verses in 2 Nephi, I thought about what joy it could be referring. There are lots of things that make me happy, most of them fairly worldly, and I'm sure those small pleasures are part of Heavenly Father's plan. But when I think of true joy, I think of my family and my two little girls. Heavenly Father, in His eternal wisdom, gave us beautiful families. Not just to give us joy on this earth, but to give us a glimpse of what eternal joy we can have in the world to come. There is no better incentive to choose the right than the prospect of being with these two forever. They really are my joy. I'm grateful I had the ability to visually remember the happiness they bring me.



As a digital download this week, we've created a cut out, perfectly sized for your margins! Choose any of the scriptures we've discussed over the last 4 weeks, and print this out to put next to it! Use washi tape or your preferred glue to paste in your margins! Find the download here!

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