Old Testament Study Bundle

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Just in time for Come, Follow Me 2022! Bundles! Save with our Old Testament Study Bundle! You'll receive one Study Edition Old Testament in the color of your choice along with one Goodness + Truth Scripture Sticker Pack & one Watercolor Pencils! 

The Old Testament: Study Edition is a two volume set that includes a patterned first volume and a coordinating solid color second volume. They are packaged together and can’t be mixed/matched. But don’t worry, we paired them beautifully for you! With 1.5" margins on every page and a conveniently smaller size, you'll always be ready to dive deep into the scriptures at home or on the go. Each volume is 9.25" wide x 8.25" tall.

Our Goodness + Truth Sticker Pack 

includes a wide variety of illustrations, calligraphy, florals, and gold-foil throughout that will take your study to the next level.

Our Watercolor Pencils feature punny names stamped on each pencil like Peach My Gospel, Lemon and Lemuel, and If Any Of You Lilac Wisdom. The beautiful, muted palette of pencils can be used to mark scriptures or draw in your margins, just like regular colored pencils...but if you add a little water and grab a paintbrush (not included), they can also be used to watercolor!

Please note that, due to the nature of our bundle offer, we cannot make any substitutions or alterations! Thank you for your understanding

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