Old Testament Scripture Stickers

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Style: Old Testament Imagery

Old Testament Imagery 
includes watercolor imagery of the details, embellishments and things found throughout the Old Testament.

Stories Of The Old Testament features large, stunning watercolor portraits of your favorite characters and stories of the Old Testament. 

Goodness + Truth includes a wide variety of illustrations, calligraphy, florals, and gold-foil throughout that will take your study to the next level.

Ancient Sites features big, sweeping, eye-catching artwork, maps, and embellishments focusing on locations and history found in the Old Testament.

Our stickers are all printed on a semi-transparent vellum, which means they can go anywhere in your books! That said, we recommend packs featuring darker colors and lots of text/calligraphy for use in our wide margins instead of directly over text. Use the chart below to help you shop!

Sticker Pack Study Edition Primary Edition Journaling Edition
Old Testament Imagery
Stories Of The Old Testament
Goodness + Truth
Ancient Sites