Our Story

Our idea for the Journaling Edition of the Book of Mormon came a few years ago when Alexis discovered “bible journaling” on Pinterest.

Because Emily had recently taken up hand lettering, Alexis thought she would love this idea, so we immediately scoured the internet for a Book of Mormon version. No such book existed! We spent that evening mentally designing our perfect book. Linen bound, gold embossed, beautiful colors, high quality paper...then Emily, half-joking, half-serious, suggested “Why don’t we make it ourselves?”

Then we laughed. There was no way. We both had kids, Emily worked full time, and Alexis owned her own videography business. We had no idea where to even start. 

Fast forward a year, and the wide margined Book of Mormon of our dreams still didn’t exist. Emily was now unemployed and Alexis had recently taken a break from videography to have a beautiful baby. Neither of us had forgotten about that beautiful book we had imagined, and we decided it was time to take a leap of faith and create it ourselves. Line Upon Line was born.

We launched our 30 day Kickstarter campaign for the Journaling Edition of the Book of Mormon in May of 2018. Amazingly, we hit our funding goal in 10 days and ended our Kickstarter being over 273% funded, tripling our original book order, and already starting production on a Journaling Edition of the Doctrine and Covenants.

Starting Line Upon Line has been the craziest adventure. It's pushed us to do things we’ve never done, go places we’ve never been, and connect with wonderful people we would never have otherwise known. It’s a path that has been guided by inspiration and filled with blessings, and we are so happy to have you join us on this journey!


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