Doctrine and Covenants Scripture Stickers

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Style: Restoring Photography

Restoring Photography is full of gorgeous photographs taken at actual church history sites, making it the perfect pairing for your D&C study.

The Illustrated Word was thoughtfully designed in a beautiful vintage style and includes quotes and detailed embellishments to help your favorite verses stand out.

The Restoration features eye-catching watercolor portraits, places, and moments from throughout church history, created by our most popular sticker artist.

Our stickers are all printed on a semi-transparent vellum, which means they can go anywhere in your books! That said, we recommend packs featuring darker colors and lots of text/calligraphy for use in our wide margins instead of directly over text. Use the chart below to help you shop!

Sticker Pack Study Edition Primary Edition Journaling Edition
Restoring Photography

The Illustrated Word
The Restoration