We love family traditions! From food to activities, we love establishing traditions from our childhoods with our kids and creating our new traditions. The time we spend with our loved ones brings the most loving spirit to our homes!

I wanted to share a fun Easter food tradition that my mom still does for the family—Bread Bunnies! Every year—growing up and even now—my mom includes a bunny shaped bread loaf in everyone’s Easter basket! There is so much love and care put into making each bunny, and we can feel it! Now, with some frozen bread dough and a little shaping, you can have delicious bread bunnies of your own!

Love, Emily

Step one:

Choose your favorite freezer bread product! We use Rhodes bread loaves, but you can use other brands you find in the freezer section of your local grocery store!

Set the frozen dough out to thaw 5-6 hours before you need it. If you want your bunnies for Easter morning, you can also thaw the dough overnight in the fridge.


Step Two: Cut your pieces

Each loaf makes 2 bunnies, so cut your loaf in half and set aside. We used kitchen scissors, but a knife or just your hands work great! 

Then take the section of dough and cut it in half, then take the one of those halves and cut that in half, and finally take that piece of dough and cut it in half! You should have 4 pieces of dough—one large, one medium, and two small—each made up of the half of previous pieces!

Step Three: Assemble your Bunny bodies

Take your largest piece and gently round it out—perfect circles aren’t necessary, each bunny has it’s own personality—and place it on a greased pan! This is your bunny body! Then take your medium piece and gently round it out. Place it on top of your body and now you have a head! 

Step Four: Bunny ears and nose!

Take your two smaller pieces and roll them out to make short ropes. Then loop those ropes into bunny ears and add to your bunny head!

To add a nose you can use raisins, an almond, or even an M&M!   

Step Five: Rise and Bake!

Let the bunnies rise for 1 hour, then follow cooking instructions for your dough! For the Rhodes, the bunnies cooked at 360 degrees for 16-20 minutes!

Step Six: Enjoy!


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